giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

Smile from Italy donated by Andrea Alemanno

From the site Biuro Promocji Kultury:
Marek Wysoczyński, an initiator of this very unique project has asked us to prepare an identity for his one in a kind collection of 'smiles & autographs'. He believes that this simple act can have a major positive impact on our everyday life. His enthusiasm seems to be shared by many celebrities such as: Pedro Almodovar, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli, Andrzej Wajda and Lech Wałęsa who supported this cause by dedicating their 'smiles & autographs'.

Our major goal was to show the essence of Marek's initiative in the simpliest possible way. We hoped to find a solution that would show the whole idea behind that simple emotion in a single emblem, however we knew that drawing nothing but a smile was not an option even if the whole project seems to be strictly based on it. Although it's not apparent at first, the concept of a helping hand follows, unravelling Marek's true intentions - behind a simple muscle contraction lies a deeper meaning, a desire to help one another, a desire to lend a helping hand.

We combined these two ideas into one - a helping hand, carrying and passing the smile on. Aforementioned result served as a basis to create a minimalist and simple emblem which allows others to easily comprehend the whole concept without any unnecessary and misleading elements. Additionally, logo composition was prepared in a way allowing one to isolate a sign with a 'smile word' from the whole logo, which stands alone as a simplified logo version. However, the emblem alone is concise enough to be used without typography.
The link of my illustration:

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  1. sono capitato per caso sul tuo blog e mi è subito piaciuto molto, il sorriso di questa luna in particolare mi ha proprio stregato! Complimenti, è un bellissimo lavoro

  2. Grazie mille Fabio,
    questa luna è stata fatta di getto, senza pensarci su. L'unica cosa che avevo in mente erano le montagne illuminate dalla luna e il freddo invernale.
    Ancora grazie!